Manny to fight Rios After Marquez?

We can’t help to think that Brandon Rios could be the next big thing in boxing after defeating impressively a tremendous foe in the person of Mike Alvarado. The fight should rank number one on the “Fight of the Year”. Because of this Rios decided to wait for the victor of the super fight that should happen between the two greats- Manny and Marques on December 8, 2012.It’s no brainer for Rios because the fight between either of these great fighters can give him a much bigger chance to prove himself to the world and a much bigger purse than ever perhaps. This could give the much younger Rios an edge for his youth and talking about a more focused fighter who just recently coming out from a winning streak over the years now, he is a perfect opponent for Manny because he is known for his stamina, great chin that can absorb power shots and for being a slugger and aggressor in almost all of his previous fights. Manny on the other hand even if everybody will not agree with me that the guy “Manny is getting older” and has almost no focus on his boxing carrier, because of his political ambitions and to his new found faith which took literally some of his precious and valuable time needed for resting and training with coach Freddie Roach. I mean he is not 100% focused as he once used to be! Let’s face it! Manny is not our old Manny anymore. Why? Maybe because he is now wealthy, he has lots of friends, talking about luxury cars, Mansions, endorsements and women somewhere in the past perhaps and on top of that he already proved himself to the world what kind of a fighter he is. What else he could ask for? fame? he has tons of it already.

For me my friends if a fight between Rios and Manny is going to happen anytime next year or later than that, it could be the defining moment of Manny’s carrier it could go either way- Manny’s permanent retirement or a possible fight with Floyd Jr. Rios’s style is so perfect on Manny’s speed and power it should be an epic proportion mega fight and I think everybody are now excited about this one. I don’t want to insinuate that this fight is so much better than a fight between Marques and Rios because Marques is also is a brilliant counter puncher who believed that he had won all those three fights with Manny. But a counter puncher is a boring fighter who mostly lurks in the distance and waits for the other fighter to make some mistake and able to capitalize on it. This should be the reason for his lost over Manny on several occasions.

On the other hand If Rios should fight Manny the way he fought Mike Alvarado, Rios I should say will have a comfy place in the canvass to sleep. I would love to think that everybody should agree with me that Manny is way too fast way too strong to his punches as compared to Rios’s recent foe Mike Alvarado. So that’s one important thing that Rios should be careful about more than anything else.

I am so excited “We are all excited” Let’s just hope Manny should finally knocked Manuel’s ass in the canvass soon./PJAM


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