Pacquiao: Floyd’s avoiding me

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Filipino boxing star Manny Pacquiao maintains that he is not to blame if his proposed fight with undefeated American Floyd Maywearther Jr. doesn’t take place.Pacquiao has already agreed to all of the American’s fight demands, including Mayweather’s drug testing stipulations and prize split that would see Pacquiao receiving only 45% of the fight purse.

Nevertheless, Mayweather still refuses to fight.

“If the fight doesn’t happen, it’s not my fault. I’m not going to accuse him of being greedy or judge him. It’s hard to judge,” Pacquiao, dubbed “he fighting congressman”, told USA Today.

“It’s his title, it’s his life, (but) I believe he is avoiding me,” said Pacquiao.

Mayweather has responded to Pacquiao’s claims that the American is avoiding him.

“You have to realize this: in my opinion, Manny Pacquiao is desperate,” Mayweather said in Fight Hype.

“He doesn’t make his own decisions, because Manny Pacquiao has a boss, his promoter that makes his decisions.”

On the other hand, Pacquiao’s coach Freddy Roach believes the fight is unlikely to take place if Mayweather continues to make excuses.

“I think if the fight doesn’t happen next year, it never will happen,” Roach said.

“People are getting bored and tired of [talking about it]. We’re chasing a rabbit we can’t catch.”

Pacquiao is currently busy preparing for his fourth fight against Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez, while Mayweather is yet to decide on his next opponent.


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