Girl fakes kidnap to spite her father

Bintulu (The Star/ANN) – Malaysian police rushed into action after they received a report from a man that his daughter had been kidnapped for a 2 million ringgit (US$655,000) ransom.

However, after making a thorough check, they found out that the girl had cooked up the kidnap story to spite her father, who did not approve of her relationship with her 19-year-old boyfriend.

Bintulu police chief Supt Madang Usat said a 57-year-old coffeeshop owner had lodged a missing person’s report on Wednesday saying that his daughter, also 19, had failed to return home after she left the house at 8am three days earlier.

He also told police that he had received an SMS on Tuesday sent by someone using his daughter’s handphone that she had been kidnapped.

“The message instructed the father to bring RM2mil to a house along Bintulu-Miri Road for her daughter’s release. It also warned him not to report to the police if he wanted his daughter alive,” he said yesterday.

Supt Madang said police later found out from interviews with the man’s family members that his daughter was actually hiding at her elder sister’s house in Kampung Masjid.

“We raided the house at 1.30pm on Thursday and detained the daughter and her boyfriend.

“She admitted concocting the kidnap story while the boyfriend was totally unaware of his girlfriend’s hoax,” he added.

Supt Madang said both of them were remanded for four days.


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